Located above a historic one screen movie theater in downtown Indiana, PA, these studios are designed to give you space to create, experiment, and relax. The building is also home to a vibrant community of professional artists! These studios come with 24 hour access.



Residents will be encouraged to interact with the community through talks, workshops, exhibitions, or performances. The opportunities as listed below are generally available to artists, but they are not a requirement of the residency.

Solo Exhibition

Host a solo exhibition in one of our exhibition spaces. Artists are responsible for art pick up, installation, and drop off. An opening reception can be organized for the exhibition.

Guest Lecture

Share your work with members of the Indiana and Pittsburgh communities by preparing an artist lecture, highlighting your artistic goals, and your background.


Artists are included in the yearly publication, highlighting their work, their time at the residency, and their career. Following its initial print run, it is available online through the Spruce’s online platforms.

Get creating.