Scott Isenbarger

Scotter Isenbarger attended Indiana University in Bloomington where he earned a BA in English and a BFA in Painting and was awarded the Harry Engels Scholarship for painting.  He later earned his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute where he was awarded a Presidential Fellow Scholarship.  He has exhibited in galleries nationally. 

Isenbarger writes, “I was born (1981) and raised in rural Indiana. I recently moved to New York from San Francisco with my wife Lauren Carly Shaw, who is an artist as well. We live in Bushwick with our dog George. I am a painter and emerging artist that also works out of Brooklyn. I make large colorful paintings that draw heavily from post modern and surrealist histories.

I am fascinated by the never ending amount of information present in the world and intrigued by the rate that we consume it. As an artist and image collector, the digital age has supplied me with an inexhaustible amount of fodder. To build my image, I first make a collage using the overflow of data I have gathered from film, pop culture, advertising, literature, music, the Internet, my personal life, and Facebook and Instagram. Through painting I translate the collage and explore how this inundation of information distorts classic narratives within the unconscious. Throughout this process I challenge myself to identify and subvert clichés in contemporary and historical art. 

My paintings can be characterized by their fusion of classical figuration and surrealist abstraction. Enigmatic compositions utilize archetypal humans, animals, and hybrids within familiar yet otherworldly settings. I employ strong sugary colors and recurrent themes such as masculinity, the creative process, and ritual. I often implicate myself in the scenario to both question my place in art history and to identify as an active participant in the narrative. I am interested in spaces of the unconscious, dream spaces, liminal spaces and the characters that reside therein. Furthermore I am interested in how these personal mythologies inform and affect identity.”

Hannah Harley

Hannah Harley is visual artist whose conceptual work is heavily influenced by societal issues, specifically those surrounding intimacy, the female experience, and contemporary cultural shifts.