Stephanie Martin

I am an artist mainly working in the medium of ceramics, creating biomorphic worlds, which evoke the sense of living. I create biomorphic expressionistic forms using low fire stoneware. The forms represent new worlds that range from a cellular level to a macroscopic planetary scale. The fabricated ecosystems are a representation of my perceptions and experiences of life familiar to Earth and yet an entirely new place. As an abstract reflection of biological forms within alternating scales, my work focuses on dualities present in life and utilizes comparisons of attraction and repulsion.

The overall processes involved with clay are a significant part of my practice, as they function as a way to express and reflect on personal experiences. I desire for others to experience an evoked sense of living from these crafted worlds. In effort to achieve a symbiotic biomorphic form, I create ecosystems implementing a variety of techniques with carving different textures, building hollow forms, and layering colors. These combinations of process take on a new life and evolve throughout my artistic practice.